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Our responsibility

Securitas business is built on trust and we assume responsibility for a number of social, economic and environmental issues. In our work, we prioritize issues that are close to our operations, have the largest impact and over which we have power to make a change. Our measures to improve our handling of environmental and social aspects are taken in a step-by-step manner.

Our Approach to Responsible Business

To explain our approach to responsible business, we go back to the very basics of security services: they provide tangible social and economic benefits – not only for our customers, but for a larger group of people and even whole communities.

We provide the basic security that enables companies and communities to operate and grow. We provide safety to people that purchase, work for and interact with our customers. Furthermore, we develop specialized services that make customers more efficient and have the power to minimize environmental impact.

Improving our services by making them accessible and affordable is our number one responsibility. Our service delivery provides us with the greatest power to make a positive contribution to society. It is what we are good at, what we control and what our stakeholders will benefit most from.

Apart from improving our service delivery, we handle numerous activities and initiatives, such as minimizing transports, controlling purchases and, in some cases, contributing to communities through sponsorships. Although these activities and initiatives are our secondary focus, they are nevertheless important.

In summary, we see many positive effects in conducting our business responsibly. For us, responsible business is good business.

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