Marketing specialist

Job requirement:

1.Bachelor degree or above required.
2.Excellent oral English and English major is preferred.
3.Good communication skills and willing to work under pressures.
4.Proactive with strong sense of responsibility and self disciplined.
5.Proficient Microsoft office application skills, especially in PowerPoint, Excel etc, design software such as Photoshop.
6.At least two-year working experience in marketing, experience in security industry will be preferred.

Job description:

1.High quality and effective marketing plan developed with each business.
2.Direct marketing planning, implementation and analysis and time management, negotiation and copywriting.
3.Making a difference, growing great events.
4.Shaped up quickly in multi-industry areas.
5.Gained such in-depth understanding of an array of industries.
6.Endure multiple parties involved and the unconventional methods of marketing adopted.
7.Raise sponsorship from worldwide leading security partners.
8.Manage the development and implementation of a Corporate Social Responsibility strategy
9.Provide external market input by market research of the China security industry

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