Securitas security guard Lyon

Static surveillance

With static surveillance, monitoring of your company’s security can be concentrated to one place. Together, we do a risk assessment of the company and Securitas static security officers then use the result of the assessment as the basis for their work. Static surveillance includes monitoring of burglar alarms, fire alarms and operational alarms, TV surveillance and ID card systems as well as entry and exit access control. Different types of other services can also be included.

In addition to the ordinary static services, if desired, security rounds can also be carried out. During the security rounds, doors, windows, lighting, faucets, boilers, machinery and technical equipment are checked. Reports about near-accidents, damages and what is observed is signed during the rounds. Later, these reports are forwarded to you in the manner you request.

The static surveillance service is certified in accordance with ISO 9001.

Upon request from the customers, Securitas can also take on responsibility for administrative assignments such as reporting, follow-up and supplemental fees.

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