Manufacturing company

The manufacturing industry sustains losses valued in billions of dollars every year at the hands of both sophisticated external threats and trusted insiders. Not only do such losses threaten profitability and increase costs to the consumer, they put at risk trade secrets, perception of the brand, and a company’s reputation in the marketplace.

Deliver Customized Security Solutions  

At  Securitas, we have decades of solid experience addressing security threats in a wide variety of manufacturing environments.  We are accustomed to helping our clients meet their obligations to regulatory agencies. We can work with your loss prevention management to conduct security audits that identify threats to your facility, both internal and external.

We deliver customized security solutions designed to mitigate security risks, reduce theft & other losses, maximize employee collaboration, and sustain profitability. Securitas offers the most reliable, comprehensive and professional manufacturing support available.

Security solution for manufacturing company

Theft always occur in manufacturing company, therefore strict security solution is necessary to avoid theft:

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