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Security consulting

It is often necessary before buying security services to assess risks and make an inventory. These are also services we can provide. Security consulting is a service that includes such things as risk analysis and security planning.

  • Security consultation

Securitas Security consultation gives you the possibility to continually update your security. During two follow-up visits per year, we review the company’s security level in order to ensure that it is correctly adapted to the operation. Together, we discuss issues such as: What will the operation look like in one year? Can you see now that the operation is changing? After compiling information from these discussions we will     assess the need for security solutions for the operation. In connection with the second visit, we will present our results and formulate a continuity plan for security needs.

 In planning the security needs, the right level will be maintained and your operation will become more cost-efficient.

  • Risk analysis

Our risk analysis gives you an inventory and identifies the likelihood of damages occurring, while simultaneously evaluating the risks so that you can be well prepared if anything unexpected were to happen. The risk analysis functions as a holistic image that protects and prevents events, and also investigates what the consequences could be. In that way you are more aware of the company’s risk level and can make the best damage-preventive prioritizations and build your protection cost-efficiently.

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