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Cultural &School

Many museums, theaters, concert halls and other cultural venues have considerable assets to protect, and because they are open to the public they have a variety of security needs.

Security Officers Convey Trust and Confidence

Because Securitas is a client-focused organization, we work closely with our clients to develop a security program that best meets your needs.  We know that your venue requires a security officers that will appropriately represent you and can be knowledgeable and friendly while maintaining a professional demeanor. 

We will partner with you to develop a hiring and training criteria which will concentrate not only on your security requirements, but also on the customer service aspects of your venue.  Securitas will not only provide consistent and reliable service, but also security officers who convey trust and confidence as well as possess a professional demeanor.


An international kindergarten locates in WUXI Jiangsu, Children are back to school after the Covid-19 outbreak. Securitas China set up a rigorous security service system for this international kindergarten group . Not only protect the Children and staff ,but also stop the Virus from coming in.

Securitas Guards are well trained in the customer service , and always follow the guidelines for Children safety and protection. Build a safe and excellent learning environment for students and Parents is always the goal we are pursuiting