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Retail crime is an epidemic in almost every country. Huge ammounts of money are lost annually due to retail crime. Securitas is a security solution provider which offers a variety of customized loss prevention programs to help Retailers minimize their losses.

    We offer these services for two specific reasons – to help provide a safe working and shopping environment and to help store management teams reduce their shrink.

  • Like a large concatenate clothing store in Hangzhou ,Zhejiang Securitas China has been serving for many years.

We Develop Customized Loss Preventionn Programs for them

  • Securitas professionals work in conjunction with the retailers’ Asset Protection Associates to develop customized loss prevention programs which help the retailer identify how the losses are occurring,  minimize the exposure to loss and deter / detect suspected perpetrators. 
  • Securitas fully understands that retailers incur loss in a variety of ways: (1) internal theft – employees, (2) external theft – shoplifting, (3) paperwork - incorrect documentation.

Securitas is committed to the advancement of security in retail environments.  We have invested significant resources to provide security professionals who understand the specialized needs of this industry and perform to the highest standards