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Solutions during Covid-19

A safe and sterile workplace’ to come back is one of the most important aspects of our new eco system. Technology intervention at every step is inevitable and has never been more important than what it is now. Contactless work space is the future and critical for continuity of business & workplace safety

In the circumstance of well control of the Covid-19 in China ,we have a whole system for covid-19 epidemic management. Our guards are well trained not only in the security services but also in the prevention of the virus spread.

  • How we guarantee the healthy of our Guards

To protect you and your staff safety,  Our guards needs to check their temperature before they taking up their duty.

If anything abnormal ,they will be isolated and be required the do the covid-19 test

  • How we protect you and your staff

We have a complete emergency plan for covid-19 prevention to ensure that we react in time once we find any suspicious case.

Actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation and taking steps to help keep our people, clients and community safe