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Security demands within the fast-paced high-tech industry are varied and, in many ways, unique. Whether it’s controlling access, protecting intellectual property, reducing internal theft, security Internet/intranet networks or safeguarding people and assets, security must be innovative, comprehensive and integrated to maximize effectiveness.

We have successful experienced

  • Securitas serves many of the world’s leading high-tech companies, successfully addressing all types of security threats with specialized services and customized solutions. The security challenges that we’ve addressed for our high-tech clients include workplace violence, business interruption/disaster recovery planning, employee selection and screening, terrorism threats, intellectual property theft, unethical business conduct and product and identity theft.

A high-tech company in Minhang Shanghai, We offer them:

  1. Harmonisation and integrated consolidated service
  2. Account Management Model
  3. Key processes controlled through robust frameworks
  4. Full compliance with all industry regulatory and licensing requirements
  5. Flexibility to quickly change service levels
  6. Visibility of service levels and costs across the portfolio
  7. Aligned SOPs
  8. Specialised training programme in place